Amazing Street Shopping In Sri Lanka: Colombo

street shopping in sri lanka

Street Shopping in Sri Lanka is the best bargain a shopper could have. From modern shopping malls to fabulous street shopping, Colombo has it all!

If you have ever visited or lived in Sri Lanka, then you must be already aware of the fashionable clothes, handcrafted jewelry, shoes, and superb bags that the country beholds. Amongst Sri Lanka’s best street shopping destinations, you would definitely consider without doubt, City of Colombo to be the best. Follow the tips below for your detailed street shopping destinations in Colombo.


It is considered to be the greatest departmental store in the country of Sri Lanka that provides the most sophisticated fashion in clothes. ODEL is the best street shopping destination for designers and has constantly been ranked the best for quality fabrics the world has ever seen. You can shop for distinguished perfumes, bags, cosmetics, all-embracing range of clothes, shoes, swimwear and winter clothes among other valuables in the huge magnificent list of products available. Pure bliss, we must say!

Crescat Boulevard

Fitted with luxurious boutiques, Crescat Boulevard offers spectacular high-end clothing for women of all ages. Taking inspiration from the fact that diamonds are our first love, this mall is the destination for the finest jewelry shopping in Sri Lanka. Now you know where you can shop for your next diamond ring! Added to the list are breath-taking watches, cosmetics, designer wear along with a huge collection of world’s best brands, all here at Crescat Boulevard, Colombo.

Evidently enough, every woman has a fascination for awesome footwear. Well, we have got you covered on this. Lakshmi and Pearl rich stores at Crescat Boulevard features some of the most fashionable and intriguing shoes for every age group; shop to your feet’s glory. Prices are pocket-friendly, even though they vary.

Liberty Plaza

A fully air-conditioned mall and located in Colombo 03, this destination for street shopping in Sri Lanka is too good to be missed. Liberty Plaza is famous for showcasing the great collection of handcrafted jewelry, clothes, hand-bags, fashionable winter jackets, cosmetics among other accessories to fit every female shopper’s needs. Liberty Plaza attracts most of its shoppers through its renowned record stores that entertains every customer with their latest on movies and music albums.

Majestic City

Like the name suggests, no other street shopping destination in Sri Lanka has ever given visitors, a shopping experience better than the Majestic City. The beautiful complex is the best definition for an all-inclusive shopping destination that offers anything from clothes to shoes, cosmetics to watches including a big collection of various accessories, all that you could ever want. Do you like shopping for greeting cards? Majestic City is the place that features an awesome collection of emotional and touching greeting cards. Shop till you drop at the Majestic City a place where all your money is worth spending.

The City of Colombo presents the world with the most exciting destinations for street shopping in Sri Lanka . To enjoy and experience all the benefits of this superb shopping, apply for a Srilankan visa today.