Getting Ready for College: 4 Things You Should Know

Getting Ready for College: 4 Things You Should Know

Summer, yes summer, it means a lot to most, but to the graduating high school students, it only means one thing. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO NEXT IN MY LIFE? As this statement demands to be taken seriously, most teens panic to the pressure this question entails.


Questions like: What college am I going to go to? Or what course am I going to take? Will most of my friends be there? Will I make any new friends? And even questions like, will I finally find Mr. or Ms. Right? It’s bad enough that you are getting a rage of new hormones, giving way to the most awkward changes in your physiology, thanks to puberty! you also need to face the reality of finding ground on what is right on the money. That means assessing which family member or close friend really makes sense to whether you’re going to find a decent college and what course you are going to take.

But these are small worries compared to taking the time to think about how much your college years will cost. Many people are apprehensive about going to college in the first place because they are worried about how much money they’ll have to pay in terms of their student loans. Of course, it will be a while until you are required to pay this money back, yet it is never too early to be prepared. By taking the time to look at this student loan calculator to budget for future loan payments can help to put you in good stead with your finances and so forth. Whilst this is a big thing, you shouldn’t let this affect your college years because these are the best years of your life. And you shouldn’t spend them worrying. Although, this is definitely easier said than done.

Most teens tend to panic and stress endlessly on whether they’ll fit in the crowd, or they’ll forever perish on the sidelines never to be invited to a single house party. Others tend to be laid back who prefer to go with the flow. So now you might be scanning old photos of yourself growing up as a freshman and questioning yourself on how you can improve or be more socially acceptable. Most teens tend to want a decent pack to shelter them from the harsh and lonely first few months of the freshmen life in college. Thus the test of acceptance begins at the start of the “orientation” days on college. These are a few tips to help you in getting ready for college so as to avoid those awkward moments that might cost you your chance of acceptance.

1. Dress appropriately

This means don’t over-accessorize. If you really want to showcase your style, you can go for something like a simple yet elegant ring that can showcase your love for your college. For example, if you are from the University of Iowa, you can try out something like Jostens rings, bracelets or lockets that can celebrate your pride for your college. That said, whatever your choice be, keep it simple and wear something that makes you feel comfortable. You got to take note that this day could get awkward and new at the same time, that’s why you’ll need all the comfort you can carry along. You wouldn’t want to keep fidgeting over your outfit because it bothers you, right? This might cost you moments wherein you could actually have the opportunity to make new friends. Remember, you should wear your clothes; don’t let the clothes wear you, or in this case, wear you down!

2. Weeks prior to the start of classes, start thinking healthy

Though you’ve heard countless of times the quote “Don’t judge the book by its cover”, people do and will always tend to first assess one’s appearance before getting to know the person more. So it doesn’t hurt to invest more into being a better more confident version of yourself. How you may ask? Start with your health. You wouldn’t want to look totally obese or break out on acne on the first day of classes and be remembered as “the fat kid” or “pizza face”. Start exercising while it’s early, and natural supplements like forskolin can greatly help in weight loss. Caralluma fimbriata is also another popular supplement that controls one’s appetite and manages one’s weight. For those who want are really thin, putting on a little muscle could make you a big hit on the ladies. Taking supplements that focus on slowing one’s metabolic rate helps add fat to your body structure. Also, you would want to invest on getting more vitamins and minerals for your body so you could combat all the stress coming your way. Yup, you’ve read that right. College is synonymous to stress so it would do you much good to keep your body fit to handle all that. Also do start accommodating a healthy exercise routine in the days before getting ready for college.

3. Accept your flaws

The key to being accepted is to first accept who you are, including all your flaws and imperfections. No, this doesn’t mean that you don’t do anything at all about those flaws. Rather, this means that you should take the first step into becoming a better version of yourself, and that is acceptance. Analyzing which qualities can be modified without altering your real identity, is the next step. That is where improvements can come in. We aren’t perfect nor will we ever be, but we can be happy. And by acceptance we can learn to see that these flaws are what set us to be different and beautiful.

4. Be yourself, but be humble

Humility might be the sexiest trait a girl or guy can ever have. Because who would want to be friends with a big headed loudmouth who looks down on almost anybody he gets eye contact with? Not me, well maybe gold diggers and social climbers. But you’re better than that and you deserve friends that are true. So you got to bore it in your mind that you are awesome and nobody can put you down without your consent. Be confident and be happy. Uh-oh, you need to be confident, but you also have to know your limits. Keeping within healthy boundaries of realistic goals will keep you safe from disappointment.

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