How to do a SPA treatment at home?

how to do a spa treatment at home

Not everyone has the time to treat themselves with a spa treatment every now and then but that shouldn’t stop you from pampering your body. Everyone needs a little time for themselves and you do not need to shell out loads of money to get it done. Your busy schedule and not so flexible financial credibility shouldn’t stop you from indulging into a spa treatment. Pamper yourself and give your body the much needed relaxation with these steps for a spa treatment at home.


The Place

If you don’t feel relaxed in your bathroom when you’re trying to give yourself a spa treatment then it won’t be worth it. Your bathroom should be a place that makes you feel relaxed and without a care in the world. If your bathroom is too cramped, smells a bit funky, or doesn’t have very good features then you might need to make some changes. This could mean replacing the leaky sink, looking on, and making it brighter. Or, it could just mean having a better cleaning routine, investing in reed diffusers, and buying new towels. Basically, you just need to do whatever is necessary to make you feel more comfortable while treating yourself to spa treatment.

The Setup-

Draw the curtains of your bathroom to make sure that it’s completely dark. Light some scented candles and put on some pleasant music to create the perfect look and feel of a spa treatment.

Prepare warm towels by putting them in boiling water and getting rid of the excess water. Alternatively, you can also put wet towels in the microwave to warm them. Then you can ensure that you have everything you need, including distilled water 5l, soap, shampoo, scrubs, essential oils, creams, and everything else that you require at your disposal. It can prevent you from having to get up every time something needs to be done.

Turn your hot shower on at the highest temperature to fill in the shower room with steam.

The Ingredients-

  1. Rose water (purchased or prepared at home). To prepare rose water at home, add a cup of rose petals to 2 cups of boiling water. Cover the lid and let the mixture cool down. Squeeze the petals and then refrigerate.
  2. Coconut Oil
  3. Extra virgin olive oil
  4. Oats/ chick pea flour
  5. Turmeric
  6. Orange/ lemon
  7. Orange Juice
  8. Jasmine / lavender/ sandalwood or any other oil with soothing fragnance
  9. Curd
  10. Egg

For Hair-

  • Massage your hair with a mixture of warm coconut and olive oil for ten minutes.
  • Wrap your hair in a hot towel for 20 mins to let the oil penetrate your roots.
  • After oiling, apply a hair mask to nourish your hair. To make a hair mask, take cup of yogurt and 1 egg and apply the mixture on your hair. Leave the mask for another 20 minutes.
  • Now wash your hair with a mild shampoo and lukewarm water.

For Body-

  • Take a lemon/ orange and cut it into half, rub it on your heels, elbows and knees, acid would soften the skin and lessen any dark patches
  • Now apply a home body scrub on dry skin all over your body. Home body scrub consists of , 1 cup oats/ chick pea flour +1/2 tablespoon turmeric +2 tablespoon ground mustard + 3 tablespoon rose water + 1 cup orange juice + cup water. Mix the ingredients well. Apply in circular movements and enjoy the scrubbing. It helps you in gently exfoliating your body and gives you the relaxation needed. Now step into the hot shower and rinse.
  • No prepare a mixture of Cold cream + olive oil (2 tea spoons) + lavender oil + Banana for a fruity smell and blend it to apply all over your body. Hold this paste for 10-15 mins and then wash it off.
  • Apply extra virgin olive oil on your body after the shower in circular movements. Olive oil helps in repairing and rejuvenating the skin.
  • You can take a hot bath with aromatic bath salts in it. You might be interested in checking out CBD bath salts and bath bombs that can help you in rejuvenating and relaxing after a hectic workday. These bath salts might have a blend of essential oils that can uplift your mood. You can buy such products online from websites like mykush or similar (only if it’s legal in your country).

For Foot

  • Soak your foot in a tub of warm water with jasmine/ rose or sandalwood oil. Add small amount of bath salts to it too. Use pumice stone to remove dead cells.
  • Now apply a pack of oats+ honey +olive oil + orange juice on your foot. Leave it on for 15 minutes and then wash it off.
  • Add 1tbspn olive oil + 2 tbspn coconut oil and massage hands and feet focusing on heels, soles, ankles, between fingers and toes, wrists and palms.
  • Rinse with warm water + juice of 1 lemon

For Eyes-

  • Place cucumbers/ tomatoes on your eyes, to remove dark circles and to soothe them.

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