8 Genius Beauty Hacks for lazy ladies

8 Genius Beauty Hacks for lazy ladies

We all know styling your hair and putting on make up consumes so much time and effort. And it’s usually whenever you’re running late for school or work that you tend to mess up your winged liner (talk about a bad day, huh?). To help you go through the consuming process and save more time daily, here are a few tips and tricks you should get your hands on to look flawless every day

#1 Curl your lashes perfectly

The secret to have your lashes perfectly curled is to pinch at the very base of your lash and then hold for a few seconds. Then, raise the curler upwards and again, pinch tightly. This should give your lashes more curled and look more defined.

#2 Use dry shampoos

This magical product is a game changer. And, it is perfect for when you are in a hurry and don’t have time to style your hair (shout out to the busy ladies). You can use this without washing your hair although; it can be useful for you too after you wash your hair. It usually comes in spray or powder form. Just have an ample amount of the product and scrunch it in your hair from inside out. It soaks up oil, cleans and leaves your hair smelling nice. This should make your locks more voluminized.

#3 Quick made eyebrows

Of course, when you’re running late, you won’t have time to get your eyebrows on fleek. Hence, here’s a tip that would save you time in prepping those brows. Grab your old mascara brush, wash it clean. Then, pull out your eye shadows that matches the color of your brows. Finally, dab the brush in the eye shadow and comb it through your brows. This should fill in your brows faster and make it look more natural.

#4 Style your hair the night before

If you plan on having a long, deep sleep and don’t want to wake up too early tomorrow morning to prepare yourself for the day, this is for you. Style your hair the night before by putting on some rollers and sleep with them on. Or, you can use the socks technique wherein you twist your hair to a sock and tie it in place. With this routine, you can have extra 10 minutes time to savour your bed.

#5 Use a card to a perfect winged eye look

It is no joke how difficult it is to put on a perfect winged eye. You may perfect your left eye but how about the other? Using a card as a guide can help you achieve this look. Just place the card in your preferred place of the wing tip then line it carefully. Then, line from just below the wing tip to your eyelid. When you’re done, fill in between the lines and you’ve got an eyebrow-raising winged eyeliner!

#6 Eyeliner as your eye shadow

Yes, you can use eyeliner as an eye shadow if you please. This is ideal for an everyday look. Just draw a number sign on the sides of your lid and smudge it in to get that eye shadow /smokey eye seamless look. This doesn’t only save you time but also the amount of eye shadow you use. At least by using a liner, it won’t be waste that much.

#7 Wavy hair using flat iron

If you really want a Kate Moss inspired hair style but need it done quick, you should know about this. Divide your hair into two section and braid it and then grab your flat iron and press it over your braids. Make sure the heat is evenly applied to the hair for a more textured imperfect waves.

#8 Accessorize using bobby pins

If you want to try something different, use bobby pins to show the artsy vibe in you. Style your hair however you like and add the bobby pins as accessories. Be creative and fun.

Styling, for us women, is an essential thing especially to those who are fashion forward. We always want to look made up whenever we set foot outside our home. Who wants to look like you just came out off Michael Jackson’s Thriller music video, anyway? These few beauty hacks should help you in your everyday beauty needs. These tips not only saves you time but also makes you look your best.

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