How to Lose Weight without Dieting?

how to lose weight without dieting

Hey all, Gorgeous out there,

How to lose weight without dieting to get a perfect body of your dreams? As delusional as it may sound but, it’s true! There are actually a few ways you can do it. Some people go to an Emsculpt Neo provider, others hire a personal trainer, and a few trim portions. Without getting into the “strenuous mode of starvation” (i.e. Dieting), getting the perfect body is like a dream come true, but yes girls you read it right, I am going to tell you- the best way to get the perfect body and you really don’t need to go through all those dieting and stuff but only your dedication towards few things and believe me it works. I myself did it and got down from 61kgs to 53kgs in just 3 months, so to know more keep on reading for the weight loss tips without dieting.

I am not claiming that everyone will achieve this in 3 months as we all know everyone is different and it will depend on your built and height but doing this religiously you are sure to achieve it sooner than later! So try on and remember to stay dedicated, because that’s the first rule to it!

And to achieve so, there is a very simple formula, here I am talking about formula because this achievement is all about A+B=C, where in if you leave A or B or lessen either of them, you won’t be achieving a perfect one you’ve been wanting. It’s a formula guys and lets achieve the “C”, by making sure A and B goes hand in hand!!

Ok! too much of a mathematics here so I’ll be coming straight to the point now-

A= Good Diet (It’s not about dieting but choosing your food wisely)

B= Exercise

C= Beautiful toned body

Let’s get into the A first-

The most important way to know what is a good diet is to make sure to know what you need to eliminate from your life. So I am going to list down all the bad stuff and the good stuff which can be substituted for them. I am sure there are more substitutes than what I‘ve listed but this surely will give you a fair idea about them.

  1. All white stuff- rice, white flour, white bread substitute them with wheat flour, wheat bread, chapattis.
  2. Sweets, Chocolates, sugar substitute with fruits
  3. Soda (Sodas contain empty calories), canned fruit juices substitute them with lime water (homemade) not the lemonade available in the market instead the freshly made fruit juice at home.
  4. Too much of Oil and ghee – Yes! you can do this by making sure you measure the amount of oil every time you cook. Yummy food can be made in less oil and spices too! All you need to know is a little trick. Take only 1 tbsp or less every time you are cooking. By doing so, you will always be sure that you are not using lots of oil. The trick is to cook on a low flame in a non-stick pan with a lid so that it can retain moisture, which helps in cooking food properly and more yummy.
  5. Dairy is optional. If you are doing the above, you need not leave dairy as its one of the most important portion of good diet. Unless you are allergic or have any medical condition.
  6. Substitute your snacks with puffed rice, sprouts- salads, corn, bhel etc.(Going to write another post for this)

Thumb rule is to make sure you are eating well without dieting and without eating too much. The trick is to stop eating the moment you feel your tummy is filled ( I am using filled here because we don’t want it be FULL). Don’t ever go beyond that! Even if you are tempted to finish every bit of your favorite dish but seriously stop!

Next make sure your plate consist of less of carbs and more of veggies, daal (proteins), and salads. And when it comes to beverages, alcohol is not ideal for a healthy diet and weight loss. However, if you really love your beer, it might be better to switch to low-carb and gluten-free non-alcoholic beer. That way, you get the best of both worlds!

Counting your calories (your calorie need is calculated by knowing your weight and height and you can find “calorie calculator” on Google) is another wise way to know you’re eating only optimum, only as much as it is required by your body and now rest leave to the part “B”

So the B part is exercising

To get the best result these two combinations are a must-

  1. Burn Calories(Cardio)

Cardio is all about increasing the pace of your heart so that it pumps faster and increases the blood circulation. You burn more calories as you sweat eg. running, jogging, treadmill etc

Doing only cardio will definitely make you lose extra pounds but you need another form of exercise which will tone your muscle too.

  1. Toning Muscle

Toning Muscle, is very important because while doing cardio you are only losing the extra fat but we also want to make sure your body also gets into shape. So you need to perform Muscle toning exercises which can be achieved by – any form of exercise which uses “the resistance” either external weights (strength training) or your own body weight (e.g. Pilates) this way you burn calories even after you complete your exercise so combining the two always gives you the best result.

Now the choice of exercise and the amount of time for both the above will depend on your built and how much calories you want to burn. Like for a smaller built person a mere 15 minutes jog( cardio) and some of the pushups(Muscle toning) is enough and for medium built 30 minutes cardio and some more resistance training exercises will be required

But, of all exercises, the best form which combines the two is yoga (Surya Namaskar)

Suryanamskar or sun salutation it is a series of 12 adjacent steps which when performed faster burns calories and when done in a little slower pace will become a form of Pilates, so having a combination of both the pace (fast and medium) for a good 30 minutes will be the best bet!

Now here we are going to make the exercise even more interesting by including a little bit of aerobics and dance in between so that this 45 minutes of workout becomes a complete package in itself so here is what I did-

  1. Put on a good music or make your own playlist
  2. Start by stretching yourself and loosen your body
  3. First perform suryanamaskar 5 times( each time its 12 steps) in a slow manner this will help your body get into the ease and loosen more
  4. Then dance on one complete song- your body loosens more
  5. Now perform fast 10 times suryanamskar – you will notice your heart rate pacing up( cardio begins)
  6. Dance on one complete song again ( cardio continues)
  7. Next 10 repetitions of surynamaskar in fast pace (cardio again)
  8. Dance on another song again (cardio)
  9. Now 15 reps of surynamaskar. Here you are going to do it in a medium pace because you are performing “toning of muscle”. By the time you are done with the point 8, your heart rate is completely paced up, with body all loosened and now performing a muscle toning exercise which is 15 times here will tone your body over all because suryanamskar works on all parts of the body and it’s the best form of a “whole body workout”.
  10. Now after 15 reps you can lie down and perform your pushups and other exercise or yoga asanas you want to do more and then relax.

Here I am using dance steps in between because we are performing suryanamaskar in a fast pace and slowing down with dance in between is equivalent to the high-to-low intensity work out which is best for burning calories; a form of a interval training. Also in-between dance makes the whole process more interesting.

Please note- No. of reps in suryanamaskar, like here I have chosen to do 5,10,10 and 15 can vary from person to person as per built or the strength and I will always advice to start slow and built it up to how much ever number works for you!

Well do these things in conjunction i.e, A and B both and be dedicated to it completely at least for 3 months continuously you are sure to achieve the body you want!

Give yourself a good time and enjoy!