Indian Elections: Why did AAP fail us?

aap_logoWho is to be blamed for the failure of AAP in Lok Sabha Elections? AAP has always been instrumental in their election memorandum for fighting corruption but despite working for the common man’s ailing nerve, why did it have such a poor performance in the LS elections? Not a single seat from Delhi! They require some serious introspection of what politics they are getting into.

The people of Delhi had supported and trusted them. A party less than a year old had shown remarkable performance during Delhi elections but couldn’t even win a single seat from Delhi during the Lok Sabha elections. What did they do wrong? Why did the people of India lose their faith in AAP and supported NaMo instead?

We all needed a change when we chose to vote for AAP over BJP and Congress. We wanted to change the face of politics with the new anti-corruption surge. But alas! Little had we known that our elected leader would quit the post after mere 49 days of service.

I, a middle class single girl in Delhi had trusted and voted for AAP, thinking it would change the world. Why did I change sides during the LS elections? Why I chose Modi over Kejriwal?

Moral inconsistency

India and our democracy had won when we made Arvind Kejriwal win against the three times then CM, Sheila Dikshit. He had challenged the CM in her constituency and had won with flying colors. But why had he joined hands with Congress to form the government? Wasn’t he fighting against them two weeks back? I remember Kejriwal vowing not to join hands with either BJP or Congress. I along with several others fell for it. What was the reason behind this sudden change of stance? I know now you might start questioning me that the voters in Delhi had supported AAP’s stance on joining hands with Congress for ‘external support’. Trust me I have read all about it. The question asked was whether AAP should form the government or not? It wasn’t about whether AAP should join hands with BJP or Congress. Did 74% of the people who supported AAP in forming the government wanted it to join hands with Congress who were voted against by 90% of Delhi? I am not questioning the judgment or the outcome of coming in power; I am questioning the anti-Congress and anti-BJP stance of AAP. Don’t you think it would have been better to have re-elections in Delhi so that you could have come to power with full majority instead of taking support from the government you were fighting against? We are having re-elections anyway. I am even more curious why Prashant Bhushan’s proposal to give issue based support to BJP was turned down with so much disdain by Manish Sissodia and Kejriwal. Was joining hands with Congress any different? The moral inconsistency that they showed was the main reason for their downfall.

Constant scrutiny

We were really optimistic of trying something new in Delhi apart from BJP or Congress. I know and understand that there was a lot of scrutiny over Kejriwal during his short tenure as the CM of Delhi. Why shouldn’t there be scrutiny? A party less than a year old, was trusted by the people, won almost 40% of seats in Delhi, came to power by joining the party it was fighting against; there is bound to be media analysis on your every day work. We need to make sure we made the right choice and it was not a hasty decision.

Quitting responsibility

They came to power and quit after 49 days. They even held BJP and Congress responsible for the fall of the government. AAP was formed to eradicate corruption out of the country and not to form the government. Why did they then form the government if it was not their priority? If they couldn’t pass the Janlokpal bill in the assembly because BJP and Congress didn’t support them, they would shun their responsibilities. Was this not breaking the trust of the people who supported them? Change in the system can only be made if you are a part of the system.

AAP had wonderful candidates during the LS elections and contested for over 400 seats across the country but couldn’t manage to win even 10 seats. You breached our trust. Not only had Delhi trusted you, but also the entire nation was backing you during the Delhi elections. Our vote went waste when you disappointed us by your record as Delhi’s CM. How can we trust you that you wouldn’t shun your responsibility this time? I know AAP delivered on its promise of cheap water and power. It had also started its work on eradicating corruption through the transfers, fresh probes into projects and the helpline numbers. What I couldn’t understand was the reason for quota in Delhi University? I voted for AAP and I am not from Delhi. I have stayed in Delhi for over a decade, studied at Delhi University, got my voter ID card made here since I was not even 18 when I came in the city. Shouldn’t the admissions be based on merit than on quota? Is this the road for development in the nation’s capital? Are dharnas a more convenient way to fight corruption than holding the biggest office in nation’s capital?

We need a stable government, a visionary, a leader. Corruption is one of the biggest issues in our present system but is not the only one. Take responsibility and deliver your promises; else this might be the end of AAP.

I am not a political guru and this article is merely a personal view.




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  • Avatar photo Alok Vats says:

    I guess that Quitting responsibility was the major reason behind their downfall. To be very frank they thought people will support them in this decision, but you know what people are not in a hurry to get Jan Lokpal, which they already got from center, but they wanted a Delhi Government which can run smoothly and provide the facilities like electricity, water, roads to common people.

    It is indeed true that their popularity was day by day increasing in the 49 days rule over here in Delhi, but the worst decision was to quit and that too blaming others for this decision. Everyone realized that Arvind Kejriwal looks in a hurry to reach to the PM post. They filed 426 candidates as well. What a setback you can say.

    Did you ever watched any rally of Kumar Vishwash or any public meeting by Kumar Vishwash in Amethi, his language was so arrogant as if he is the only Khuda in this India. Public showed him the way.

    Did you see the confidence in AK49, while he was fighting against Namo in Varanasi, he actually forget that he is challenging the most loved person of India at the moment. I am quite sure Modi jee will become even more popular in coming days.

    BJP did not won this election on the name of Modi Jee only, they set the example by giving superior governments in the states like Gujarat, MP, Chattishgarh, Goa, etc. and even when Nitish Kumar broke the alliance with BJP as if the development in Bihar was made by him only, people showed him the path as well. If he did not realize this sentiment now, it will be too late and all out for him within a few months only.

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