8 Signs of a bad relationship

signs of a bad relationship

It’s vital for you to know that you are in a bad relationship for both your physical and mental well-being. If you are in a bad relationship for too long then you may be affected in multiple ways and could potentially need the assistance of either a Life Coach or a therapist to possibly help you manage the mental strains.

If you are in a relationship in which you have always felt anxious, stressed, worried, and depressed. You try making it work even if it is damaging your self-esteem and respect. At this stage, we need to realize that it is just not worth your time and efforts to be in a bad relationship.

Sometimes we are so blindly in love with our partner that we fail to see the obvious signs of a bad relationship.

Save yourself from the trouble, with these few signs of a bad relationship


If you have been dating and spending time for a while (a few weeks or a month) but there is no title or name to your relationship, it’s okay. But if there’s been a milestone, like 6 months or a year, and still your partner is introducing you as just a friend or it’s still not clear on what stage your relationship is, then most likely your relationship isn’t going to last much longer.

Trust Issues

One of the basic foundations for a successful relationship is trust. One of the signs that you are in bad relationship is that you are facing severe trust issues. Trust issues can range from small issues like checking each other phones or emails, filtering through social media messages to bigger situations like asking for proof of where are you and whom you are with.


Another obvious sign of a bad relationship is when either person is lying a lot in the relationship. Whether the lying is about the feelings you have for one another, or whom you’re with or going out with, it is terribly bad for a relationship.


Cheating is the most blatant sign that you are in a really bad relationship. If both of you are in an open relationship, and agree on the terms, it’s different. But if one or both of you are unfaithful without letting the other know, it is cheating. Even if you have decided to forgive and move over it, there is always a possibility that it might happen again. Cheating is a warning sign of a poor relationship

signs of a bad relationship


Physical abuse is never acceptable in any relationship. Words are enough to get the message across; there is no need for any violence irrespective of how grave the fault is. There is absolutely no exception to this rule. If you are a victim of an abusive relationship, seek help from police or a friend or family. Emotional or mental abuse is equally unacceptable in any relationship.

More bad times

Sure the quality time that you spend with each other makes up for the bad times. But if the frequency of bad times is much more, it’s time for you to move on. Frequent fights, cheating, abuse, violence etc. should only happen once before you decide to leave. If they are frequent, your relationship is on its way to destruction.

Not giving time

If you and your partner aren’t spending time with each other despite staying close, it’s important to speculate the reason for the same. Even if you have conflicting schedules, excuses aren’t acceptable when it comes to finding a solution to this problem. If you aren’t willing to accommodate each other in your life and schedule, it’s time you honestly think about the future of your relationship.

Changing your identity

We all change a bit to accommodate the tastes and preferences of the new person in our life. Watching new movies you don’t like to going vegetarian for your partner are few small changes we do to please them. However, this becomes a real issue when there is a need to change the identity and individuality of yourself to satisfy your partner. If you are changing your values, opinions, dressing style to suit your partner, need to constantly fish for words before saying and are constantly being scrutinized, it’s best to let the relationship go.

We know it’s hard to move on and break away from someone you love especially if it’s been a while. It will be difficult initially but in the future you will be happier and better. Save yourself the emotional trauma of a bad relationship and understand that you deserve better.

What do you think are the other signs of being in a bad relationship?

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