Exercises to lose belly fat

exercises to lose belly fat

Part 1: How to Lose Belly Fat? Healthy Eating Habits

Part 2: Exercises & Lifestyle Changes to lose Belly Fat

exercises to lose belly fat

21. Endurance Exercises

Well crunches and sit-ups are not the only exercises that you can do to get a flat tummy. You can shuffle up exercises that you like for an overall fitness. Try brisk walking, jogging, swimming etc. to have a healthy body and to ensure that the fat doesn’t return back.

22. Strength and Endurance Exercises

Apart from walking and jogging, you can also add exercises like biking, rowing etc. Keep a healthy mix of endurance exercises with strength training, cardio or yoga and you will have a lifetime of fitness and of course a flatter tummy.

Hiking, dancing are also fun ways to exercise to lose belly fat.

23. Don’t Give up Fast

Just because you aren’t seeing any progress for a while doesn’t mean that you will stop all your efforts. You are slowly getting there and your body is just taking some time to adjust to the new you. Keep going and we are sure you will be there!

24. Do not work on just your belly fat

Just doing abs exercises wouldn’t help you get those awesome abs. You need to focus on overall fitness and workout on your entire body instead of concentrated efforts. To lose belly fat, you need to exercise and change your eating habits. Additionally, you can look at sites like Gravity Transformation (https://gravitytransformation.com/how-to-get-abs-in-1-week-at-home-fast/) and similar others which can help you get the body you desire.

25. Don’t be contented

Once you have reached your goal, its important for you to stick to your new diet and fitness regime to stay in that shape. Keep yourself motivated and stay with the plan. Don’t stop exercising or eating right. Being healthy and fit is a way of life and requires constant work and dedication.

26. Have the Right Fit

Sometimes even skinny people have an unsightly muffin top because you are wearing jeans too small for your size. You might not need to shed all those fat that you thought you needed to. While this may be the easiest tip to implement, we have other tips to get you back on track.

27. Include Cardio

Apart from doing exercises, it’s important for you to include some sort of cardio in your daily routine. Try some cardio exercises for at least 30 minutes a day, five times a week. Anything that increases your heart rate is a good cardio- dancing, running, playing tennis etc are great exercises to lose belly fat fast.

28. Stay Motivated

At times when you are feeling not that great and need a push, remind yourself of your realistic goal instead of loading a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. Your goal will keep you motivated throughout your journey.

29. Stay away from any commercial products

If find any pill, lotion, special diet plans or exercise equipment that promises you to get rid of that belly fat fast, it’s a scam. No matter which celebrity endorses it, there is no miracle in burning that stomach fat. They are waste of your time and money!

30. Weigh only once a week

As women, our weight fluctuates a lot with our monthly cycles. Hence weighing yourself frequently might not be the best tool for tracking your progress. We also gain weight when we build muscle. If you are losing inches, that’s a good enough drive. Keep your weigh-ins to not more than once or twice a week.

31. Maintain a good posture

To look like that you have lost inches without losing (it yet), follow this simple tip. Suck your tummy in, pull your shoulders back, keep your spine straight and you will feel slimmer and fitter. This will also help you tone your abdominal muscles.

32. Swim

For people who love waters and do not like hitting the gym, I have one word for you- swim. Its one of the best ways to exercise and is a fantastic cardio. For others, try it and I am sure you will love it too. You cannot lose belly fat without exercise.

33. See a Pro

If you have some health issues, it’s best to consult your doctor before starting off with a new diet or exercise routine. If you can, also get a personal trainer to help you with your belly fat battle.

34. Core Strengthening Exercises

Instead of targeting just your abs, focus on doing exercises that strengthen your core. You will not only burn belly fat but will also have a better posture.

35. Push-Up

A push-up, if done correctly is the perfect exercise for strengthening your core. Learn how to do a perfect push up and build your lean muscles. Increase the number gradually to challenge yourself.

36. Reverse Sit-ups

Add reverse sit-ups to your workout routine and you will see the difference. Want to know the best part; you can do it at home! It is the best exercise to burn belly fat. You will feel the resistance once you try it.

37. Get a Workout buddy

Its always easier to diet or exercise with a friend. You can motivate and inspire each other and also have a healthy competition.

38. Exercising before Breakfast

While there is no perfect time for exercising, it is best to do it in the morning. If you exercise before breakfast, your body will burn stored up fat for energy. Thus you will lose more.

39. Proper Sleep

Ideally you should sleep between 7-8 hours everyday to prevent your metabolism from slowing down. Get rid of that phone, switch off the lights and take a good beauty sleep!

40. Cut down on Alcohol

We all know the effects of alcohol on liver and that it slows down our metabolism. You can have red wine occasionally as it has some good health benefits when had in moderation. Just remember that alcohol is loaded with calories and wrecks havoc on your energy levels.

41. Choose a healthier lifestyle

Start making healthier lifestyle changes like taking stairs instead of lift, walking an extra mile to office etc. Try to burn more calories during the day by increasing your daily movement.

42. Stay Motivated

You can’t stay on your journey if you aren’t motivated enough. Keep a food journal to track your progress. Reward yourself for every small success and don’t give up. If you hit a low, keep yourself determined and start anew.

43. Make yourself accountable

It’s okay to give in to your temptations once in a while. However if you do not enjoy them in moderation, soon you might realize that you have given too much. You were sick so you missed your exercise for the entire week is not a great choice. Avoid a slump by holding yourself accountable. Log your food and activity in a diary to stay active on a regular basis

44. Change your workout

It’s easier to lose track once you have hit a plateau. Try new things and change your exercise routine for motivation. Swimming, biking, jogging and hiking are some great ways to exercise all year long.

45. Try doing exercises that you like

It’s important to have fun while you are exercising. You are less likely to falter then. You can join Zumba classes if you enjoy dancing. If you like sports, try incorporating some outdoors sports into your regime. They will keep you engaged and motivated.

Get what you need

You need dairy everyday. You also need lean proteins, fruits, vegetable and fiber. You need to workout at least five times a week. You need to relax and sleep well. You also need to pamper yourself with a dark chocolate or a glass of wine occasionally. If you are craving madly, it’s okay to have a piece of cake.

Stay motivated and on track and I am sure these tips will work. Start implementing them and you will be surprised at the results. There is no better than today to start off. Make a promise to yourself and pick up your ten favorite tips today. Let us know how it worked for you in the comments section below. If you have any weight loss tricks that worked for you, share them with us too!





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