Resolutions for 2013

I love December. In fact this month has been so awesome..We had lots of holidays, most of the people were out on annual leaves so less of work and lots of office parties, lots of shopping and most importantly everyone has less workload so lots n lots of movies and get together’s. 

I love the last day of the year too, for a number of reasons. First, more than any other day everyone feels the need to catch up with long lost friends. Second, Champagne reigns supreme. Third, its an occasion to shop as you should wear something new for the special occasion. Fourth, its time to look back on the last 364 days and retrospect to plan for the coming 365 days. Last but not the least,its also the birthday of my new blogger friend, Sarah.

Its new year and its time for resolutions. After lot of brain storming and repeated efforts, I  am finally able to pen down my resolutions for this year. I hope they last longer than they did last year.. 😛

1. Read one book per month. 2012 started off with a lot of reading (loved Stephen King’s novels) but that enthusiasm was long lost during the second half of the year. I had setup a resolution to buy one book every month in 2012 which I didn’t keep up to after August.Hence I decided to setup a more measurable and realistic goal for this year.

2. Be more organized in my work. I might seem to be organized with it but trust me there is still a lot of scope for improvement and loopholes. Looks are really deceptive you know.

3. I will pamper myself at the spa at least once a month. I will count eye brows, manis and pedis as spa treatments. This would be one resolution that I would truly enjoy indulging in. We all need to love ourselves and should take care of what we have. I have already started working on this and I am loving it.
4. I will shop less and would buy things that I truly like. This would avoid unnecessary expenses and clutter in my wardrobe.

5. I would develop a better morning routine. Well, I tried doing this in 2012 by joining a gym, but failed miserably at it after a month. I am a lazy butt and all I do in the morning is wake up to my phone’s alarms, check my email, get ready and go to work. I skip breakfast on 99% of the days which is considered to be the most important meal of the day. Maybe I should first figure out what a good morning routine is and then implement it in 2013.

6. I will work on my personal relationships. Be the best daughter I can be. The best sister I can be. The best friend I can be. And more. Never take anyone I love for granted and would take care of them. I will show and tell everyone I love, how much they matter to me. Often.

7. I will try to work on my savings and would try to control the unnecessary and impulsive expenses that I indulge into.
8. I will take care of what I speak so that I do not offend anyone even if its jokingly or unintentionally. 

9. I will take proper care of my health and would indulge myself in some sort of recreational activity all the time. Something like gymming, swimming, dance classes etc. In 2011, I had joined Gold’s gym for 1 month and did 4 months of swimming at Pacific, that’s it. After the onset of winters, I left swimming and was left with nothing to work on. Well, I didn’t even try to join one. I will try to make exercise a more regular thing this year.

Well, its only afternoon and I already have my resolutions figured out. This leaves me the rest of the day to start working on them. 

Wish you all a very happy new year. May this year be filled with happiness, love, health and peace.





  • I skip breakfast on 99% of the days .. Maybe I should first figure out what a good morning routine is and then implement it in 2013.

    Same here Manini. Did you find a good morning routine n wish to share? I am still struggling with this part. My morning usually starts at 11.00 AM..:-)
    except the day of morning shift at every 5th day, when I force to wake up at 6.15 AM…

  • Avatar photo Manini says:

    Well I am still working on this part…Thankfully I have at least managed to add breakfast to the menu (usually fruits and a cup of green tea) Rest is the same as last year though… 😛

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